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Bitcoin, The Internet Of Money

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bitcoin-moneyFirst there was the desktop computer, then came the Internet, and now here comes Bitcoin.

What do these three very different technologies have in common? They all took the power from centralised instutions and placed it where it should rightly be - in the hands of the people. The desktop computer put computing power in the home, the Internet took news distribution out of the hands of the mass media, and Bitcoin will take control of money away from the banks and governments.

For the last 100 years the private, unaccountable and unaudited Federal Reserve Bank - which is not "federal" at all, has controlled the supply of the US Dollar, not even accountable to the government, for the benefit of a few extremely wealth individuals. The Federal Reserve are only interested in feeding the banks an unlimited supply of Fiat Currency to satisfy their craving for gambling with derivatives and losing trillions of Dollars in the process, with no rangible asset value backing such as Gold. This progressively devalued the US Dollar causing steep inflation, making living progressively harder for everyone. 

The story is the same in many parts of the world, including the UK and Europe, with a central banking system that churns out fake currency like Monopoly money, not backed by assets or any level of finite control. Again, this is all for the benefit of a very few extremely wealthy people who control the money supply for its own ends or power, control and untold riches.

"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

~ Amschel Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838

As with Desktop Computers and the Internet, these new technologies always suddenly arrive on the scene, seemingly overnight, when Humanity as a whole needs it most.

Bitcoin is no exception - billions of people the world over are being pushed to the limits due to a totally out of control banking system, working for the benefit of the extremely greedy, irresponsible and corrupt banking system all controlled by a very few power and riches crazed individuals - and now Bitcoin is here to change all of that - and very quickly.

Bitcoin, like the Internet, places the power back in to the control of those who have every right to have that power - every man, woman and child on Earth.

The freedom of billions of people has been stolen by the banks controlling governments who care not for those who elected them to serve.

When the Desktop Computer first arrived everyone laughed and said it was just a play thing for geeks, nerds and academics.

When the Internet arrived everyone laughed and said it is "just a fad that few will use".

The rest as they say, is history.

Today most people, including the governments and banks are arrogently laughing at Bitcoin, even though they do not even begin to understand it.

Let them laugh and be complacent - as with the early days of the Internet.

Bitcoin is set to become the new defacto Global Medium of Exchange, completely in the hands and control of the people, and which no bank on Earth can stop or interfere with.

In another report we will take a closer look at how Bitcoin is the perfect alternative and replacement to the archaic and corrupt "financial and banking systems" of today. 


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